Lauren Caldwell

Your Kansas City Personal Assistant

Focus on what you do best and I will do the rest.

Do You Need a Personal Assistant?

Are you spending a large percentage of your day on “busy work” rather than focusing on growing your company or gaining new clients?

Do you believe you would make more progress if you could just get through the ever-growing pile of administrative work? Do you wish you could hire an employee dedicated to getting your to-do list complete?

A Personal Assistant is not a perk reserved just for CEO’s and celebrities. Hiring Lauren as your Personal Assistant to complete 5 hours of work grants you 5 hours to concentrate on your critical obligations. Don’t let your big ideas and grand plans be suffocated by the never-ending avalanche of “stuff” to-do.

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Lauren Caldwell is your Kansas City area Personal Assistant

629 E Minor Dr. Ste. 2A
Kansas City, MO64131

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